Our Family

Having grown up as latch-key kids, we realize the importance of a hand-on approach to parenting. We are anxious to experience parenting firsthand and are looking forward to all that parenthood brings. From poopy diapers to 3AM feedings, to coos and smiles, we donít want to miss a single moment. We want to raise our children, not have strangers do it for us.

Thatís not to say that we donít have a great network of friends and family that would be involved in supporting us in our goals of parenting.

Seanís dad, aunts, uncles, and a myriad of cousins live nearby and stand ready for diaper-duty! Iím sure theyíd love to coo over a new addition to the family.

The rest of our family lives just a couple hours away in the Anderson, SC. Crystalís mom and dad cannot wait for more ďgran-babiesĒ to join the family. Her mom, especially, has already said that she canít wait to stay with us for a while when our child comes home. Her dad looks forward to taking our children fishing and taking them to feed the ducks, just like he did with Crystal and her siblings.

Crystalís younger sister and her husband are looking forward to becoming Aunt and Uncle to our children. They already have two nephews and enjoy spending time with them at the park, taking them to the lake each summer, and spoiling both shamelessly! With the birth of their first child this past August, April & Ryan are even more ready to meet our children. They anxiously await to have a playmate for Dax.

Crystalís younger brother is an energetic twenty-something. He is so great with kids. He has often babysat for younger cousins, whom he absolutely adores. During the summer, they can often be found splashing around in their pool. The children at his girlfriend Emily's church love it when Philip joins them on Sundays. They actually pout if he can't make it due to his work schedule. He's just that loveable.

Seanís mother and younger sister are already excited about the possibility of our family growing. Our two nephews and two nieces are ready to make a young cousin welcome.

We have often talked about adoption with our family. They are 100% supportive about our decision to pursue adoption and are ready to enjoy lifeís wonder all over again through our childrenís eyes.

Although we live near Charleston, we also have a second house in Anderson. This house is a 2-story, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath house across from Hartwell Lake. The house is located right next door to Crystalís parents and just around the corner from Crystalís sister. It is the house that Sean grew up in.

The house is currently undergoing renovations. We recently experienced severe water damage from a burst pipe. While repairing the damage, we discovered other issues and have decided to address those as well.

Through this process we have realized that by living in Charleston we have really missed the largest portion of our family. Phone calls can only go so far. It can be difficult to pack up and squeeze into Crystalís parentís house while we renovate our house. However, by keeping the house it gives us greater flexibility and options.

Once the renovations are completed, we would have the option of perhaps moving there permanently. Because we have flexibility and the ability to telecommute for our jobs, it becomes easier to spend a few weeks (or even a couple months) in Anderson at a time. There will be plenty of opportunities and a ready place to stay when we visit and with family close by, a child would never lack for an abundance of affection.